January 7, 2018

Sarawakian Local Delights : Nyakak

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The nyakak (wild durian as the locals call it) is not pungent like the ordinary durian. Today it garners a higher price because it is getting very rare, having to come from the hilly regions of Sarawak. Farmed nyakak may not taste as good as the original wild ones.

The older trees have become rare as the deforestation proceeds without mercy in Sarawak.

An old uncle used to say, "The company bull dozer cannot tell the difference between a durian tree and a nibong tree. All trees must come down...."

Hawkers who sell the nyskak bemoan the fact that there are very few trees left hence the high price.

The flesh of the nyakak is firmer and it is not as messy to eat. Many consider it as less heaty. The orange colour ranges from pale orange to vivid orange. The fruit is smaller in size than other durians but the skin is very thin. There are more spikes per fruit than other durians. It is lighter to in weight. It also has a "beard" which is special characteristic of this fruit

Huang Xiao Feng wrote, "Durian ukak/nyakak with whiskers at the base of its peduncle."

The nyakak can be deep fried, coated in a batter.


Anonymous said...

Is nyakak also called Pakan? A town in Central Sarawak is named after Pakan1

Though for grafting such as musang king, red prawan, etc, they have to use this yellow wild species?

Ensurai said...

Yes it is called pakan. Grafting is a skill and probably successful grafting and fruiting will really depend on the skills, soil, and environment of the durian trees. Han Sen of Sibu would be one of the best agro experts to consult besides those in the government.

thank you for visiting.

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