June 16, 2018

Sibu Tales : Cake Making and WI

The Women's Institute was recruiting members and our neighbours Kak and her sister joined. They persuaded my mum to join but she was adamant about not joining as she had many children to look after.

Before we had an oven, we used make shift ovens. One of the ways to bake a small cake was to use a curry pot and put charcoals on top. That really worked. We did make some cakes for a few Chinese new year and even a few small fruit cakes!! My mother was not impressed, but she just smiled.

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Making cake is never her cup of tea from the time ladies came around to recruit members for WI. Thus she was one of the few ladies along our street who did not learn how to bake.

But my father was keen to make her happy and bought her a second hand New World Oven when a British Officer returned to the UK. The whole family was over the moon for in those days not many people owned a good oven.

This led to lots of baking by my sisters using the splendid oven. Our aunts came and roasted chickens too. It was good to have an oven.


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Anonymous said...

Big sister fruit cake!

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