May 22, 2019

Sibu Tales : Wu Teck Hui

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When we were children we were brought to Wu Teck Hui for children's health care. Most mothers would also be given treatement there. It was a Mother and Child Health Care centre run by the local government.

However the former institution which took care of mothers and children's health was called Wu Teck Hui, a Methodist Church Health Care arm. In English the name was Epworth League Methodist Mission.

the Foochows and even all the non Methodists of Sibu would call the clinic Wu Teck Hui.

The Epwroth League in Sibu in the 1900's were a group of Methodist adults who formed a league or fellowship.
The purpose of the League was the promotion of intelligent and vital piety among the young people of the Church:
To encourage and cultivate Christ-centered character in young adults around the world through community building, missions, and spiritual growth.
The League takes its name from the village of Epworth in LincolnshireEngland, the birthplace of John Wesley and Charles Wesley. Its members are known as Epworthians.

After 1930's this group of Methodists world wide was known as Methodist Youth Fellowship.

At one time the Wu Teck Hui was in this Tudor Building.
Interestingly, the name Wu Teck Hui continue to be in the vocabulary of the Foochows.

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