August 15, 2010

Bekenu Grapes

We had a lovely day out  in Bekenu which is just half an hour's drive along what you can call a small coastal road from Miri - and towards evening we were catching the last of the golden hour and getting some really lovely shots of plants and people. We arrived at our destination and whooped with happiness.

Looking at the grapes I was thinking of  the Biblical verse "new wines in old skins and old wines in new skins".... but as I was interested in cooking I wanted to get some vine leaves for my Mediterranean recipes!! That would have been fantastic...but I will have to wait for permission to buy at a later date.

And perhaps soon we would be able to buy the grapes from this nursery. God Willing....

I managed a few shots of their lovely green grapes.

Good and firm trellis for the vines.

Lovely shaped leaves against a white sky.

Green grapes - very temptingly juicy and firm.
A low slung vine..healthy and strong.

p/s Over the week a lot of my friends have shown interest in the photos Elaine and I have taken and put up on our if you have the opportunity you can visit Kai Nguong's Bekenu Nursery and see for yourself!!


Ann said...

Grapes in Sarawak, interesting. Many years ago, when I was in primary school, when we lived in the government quarters, bordering these quarters were a few private houses.

My dad's best friend Mr. W grew a vine. The leaves were lush and green. We all were excited . When he harvested the little grapes, alas they were not nice to eat. My language KIT.

He was so disappointed, I think he chopped it down. My dad who had gone to Spain explained that the sun in Spain in the summer was very hot and dry. That is probably why the fruits were small and KIT.

It's a pity people were so so smart as you to cook Mediterranean food.

You make rolls?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
I believe many people have from time to time learn to experiment with grapes growing. I understand there is a pretty good (international) vineyard in Thailand. And India is stunning the world with its fantastic wines.

I think with science and technology grapes can be grown fairly well in Sarawak.

I try my best to do some Mediterranean dishes whenever I have some of the ingredients. I like olive oil and I don't make bread now. I used to when I first moved to Miri...for want of things to do!!

There used to be a good Mediterranean Restaurant in KL years ago and we had coffee into which we dipped burning cinnamon sticks!! I was just so impressed...

Daniel Yiek said...

Surprised that this can grow in Miri.

I tried Indian wine last week in Mumbai. They still need to catch up.

Saw Thailand vineyard on TV docu.

Latin American is worth buying

Sarawakiana@2 said...


I am sure you love wine....Latin American wines are now top of the pile. I like NZ ones because they are lighter. American wines are a little on the high side. Canadian dessert wines are so expensive!!

Will try to buy some Indian ones.

When I was a student in the UK I just drank the cheapest of the Greek and Italian vinos!! hehehehe. Occasionally bought some French wines...

However Cinzano remains a favourite with me when I eat mee sua...similar taste but very palattable. What do you think>

I know in Singapore you can get really spoilt....

Anonymous said...

wines r very individual taste......some like it bit sweet .....some like it with body.Cant really imagine sarawak can grow grapes and maker of wine..
NZ has taken the world by storm for whites.....Sauvigon blance grown in the Marbourogh and nice.Dont think Asian countries can compete with any Western when it comes to white or red...its the climate tht plays the vital role in producing nice grapes.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Anonymous
Thanks for writing in. Yes I agree with you. Wine is very personal. I even like some of rice wine my friends make..Some of them make excellent rice wines indeed especially those kept for a long time for special occasions.

Yes I think it is the climate that makes all the difference to the grapes...I like sweet wines.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Sarawakania, very nice and I am surprised at grapes growing there.
I guess they have been experimented before to grow in the tropics.

We have friends here with patios and grapes growing overhead....looks really nice sitting under the grape vines and just reaching out to eat.
Love your well taken shots.
You sure very good with your camera....
Have fun, Lee.

Ann said...


You and I are alike in so many ways. Writing is our way to destress and especially at times of bereavement, I used to write and write.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Dear Uncle Lee is nice to know that some forward looking agriculturists and horticulturists are experimenting on crops that might not even prove profitable but add to the excitement of the local populace only. Dragon fruit is failing at the moment.

A home with some vines growing overhead is just such a dramatic and romantic dream!!

Thanks for your compliments. Photography helps me to destress and I cannot paint!!Have a good week...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hi Ann
I wake up at 2 in the morning and write and write and write....and read...but it is not enough...but sometimes the stress and grief are still there!

Peace and Joy....