April 18, 2013

Sungei Merah Tales :The Ten Commandments of the Ting Family

When I was young I used to visit my grandfather a lot in Sungei Merah, Sibu.

Whenever my grandparents went visiting relatives, which was a common practice in those days, my grandma would drive us down the hill towards Sungei Merah and one of the nicest places to visit was my grandfather's cousin's house by the river. She had a big house by Sibu standard in those days.

A very impressive part of the living room was the main wall facing the road. And my grand aunt's father in law who was a God-fearing man, hanged a huge hand carved wooden Board with Ten Commandments on the wall facing the road. I would never forget that impactful impression.

More than 50 years later I revisited the family home again with my photographer friends. The Ten Commandments plaque was still on the wall and I took this photo.

Emmanuel or Yi Ma Ne Li(The Lord has arrived) is still mounted on the wall. And suddenly I realised that the the sculptor had carved God's Ten Commandments. It is not Christians' Ten Commandments but God's Ten Commandments, given to us on Mount Sinai, a true historical event. The Truth.

Praise the Lord for the Ting  family Ancestors and the Ting Family which has kept this board for more than 90 years.

(Photo taken with permission from Mr. Ting on 27th March 2011, after the Foochow Anniversary Celebration).

P/s Sibu Foochow pioneers were strong Methodists and they brought many of their Christian Methodist practices from China like hanging the Ten Commandments plaque or poster in their living room.

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