December 7, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Braised Wild Boar

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The backyard of any longhouse dweller would always have fresh ginger growing. I would always remember how fruitful my friend's backyard was. She had tumeric, chillies, ginger, lemon grass, green onions , some tapioca trees, sirih, and even a pepper vine and a lime tree growing. Her grandfather had started the longhouse and she said when the families moved into the area they brought a lot of seedlings, seeds and cuttings from Skrang to plant around the longhouse. How provident the elders were. She continued the tradition and made sure that she has all the "ingredients for cooking in the backyard".

"We dont have to buy much if we are hardworking," she said.

Every now and then, the farmers would be lucky to shoot a wild boar in the secondary jungle near their farms. Wild boards are very destructive to their farms.

Today with the availability of electricity, they have a freezer and they can stock up some wild meat, and food from the town.

A simple dish of braised wild boar meat with lots of fresh ginger is a refreshing welcome.

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