December 8, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Wild Boar Bone Soup

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When a wildboar is brought home by a hunter, the bones would be a precious gift to all , old and young.

The best way of cooking the bones would be to get a big pot of water and home grown ginger boiling. Once the water is at a roaring boil, the bones, usually cut into  big chunks by the parang, would be washed and cleaned and dropped in the big pot. This will be boiled for hours until the bones can drop off from the flesh.

Hot rice and some salted vegetables like native mustard green or ensabi, and some bamboo pickles would be served with the wild boar bone soup.

A friend said laughingly,"We Ibans are very basic people. Food is food and in the past our elders did not go into the refinement of reflection on which food was nutritional in the past.

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