May 17, 2014


How would you like to have a bowl of frog tissues? A dessert once only eaten by the Emperors and their favourite concubines?

Hasma is a Chinese and Central Asian dessert ingreident made from the dried fatty tissue found near the fallopian tubes of true frogs (Asiatic Grass Frog , Rana chensinesensis).  It is often wrongly called "toad oil" 蛤蟆油.

Hasma cooked with jujubes fruits
Jujubes (Chinese: 紅棗; pinyin: hóng zǎo; literally: "red date") Dried longan fruits (Chinese: 龍眼; pinyin: lóng yǎn; literally: "dragon eye") Lotus seeds (Chinese: ; pinyin: lían zĭ)

Hasma is highly regarded by TCM, as many claim that it has many beneficial cures including replensihing vital essence in thelungs, kidneys, and improving skin complexion. It can also treat respiratory symptoms like coughing, hemophtysis and night sweats due to tuberculosis.

young children are not advised to take it as the high contents of hormones might cause puberty to begin early. 

this dessert is usually served in high class restaurants in Hong kong, Singapore, penang and the United States.

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