August 31, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Fresh Wild Boar Soup with Lemon GRass

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Today as the rainforests grow smaller due to deforestation and economic development of Sarawak,wild animals also decrease in population due to lack of food and also increase in hunting.

Wild boar meat used to be sold openly in most markets but today it is not allowed by law. Enforcement officers go around checking the sale of wild meat and a heavy fine is the punishment for the culprits.

However hunting for food in the jungle is allowed. Hence if wild boar is caught, it is a time for celebration.

The easiest way to cook fresh wild boar meat is to prepare a pot of water with ginger and lemongrass. Get it to boil and then the pieces of wild boar meat is thrown into the soup. This method of cooking is called "sup terjun" by the Ibans.

The soup is refreshing and tasty. The meat is rendered soft and delicious.

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