September 1, 2017

Sarawakiana Local Delights : Wild Boar with Terong Dayak Soup

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I was in Long Banga for a 3 night 4 Day homestay program.

Besides enjoying all the sights and farming experiences I was served with wonderful food, even thought I was the only "tourist" received by Lemidin Homestay. Hostess Ludia Apoi was most accomodating and charming and she, with her little baby Baya, took me every where!!

One of the most memorable dishes I had was the freshly caught wildboar and dayak terong soup.

The meat was really fresh and the terong was organic and freshly plucked from the farm.

She also used lemon grass she took from the garden .

Sitting in the kitchen with more than 15 other Sabans(the smallest ethnic tribe in Sarawak, numbering only 3000) I felt so happy and welcome. Even though I was travelling alone for the first time to Long Banga I did not feel that I was among strangers.

Sharing a meal with them, especially this soup, I felt that we were family.

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