December 9, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Areca Nuts

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Areca nuts or pinang sold by the plates in Sibu.

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The kapur is spread on a betel leaf/sirih leaf
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the chewing of areca nuts or pinang is a social activity carried out in the longhouse .

It can be a useful activity when every one is sitting at the ruai or living room and both men and women can sit and talk casually.

Some people say that the chewing of pinang keeps most women addicted to it calm and cheerful. Some men concentrate on the chewing and talk less.

Whatever it is, the almost ritualistic chewing of the nuts is an interesting sight, whether it is formal or informal, whether it is a personal addiction or a casual activity just to join in the fun.

The betel nut or pinang is rather bitter. To some people it is a pain killer, surprisingly.

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