December 30, 2017

Sarawakian Local Delights : Steamed Torch Ginger and Salted Fish

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this is a special dish for those who love Dayak cuisine. The freshly salted fish when steamed becomes aromatic and the bones of the fish very chewable.

Dayak style salted fish is easy to make. Usually fresh river fish is used, be it big or small. The small river fish is tastier actually. The fish is cleaned and drained. Coarse salt is then mixed with the fish, a bit of squeezing and massaging is good at this stage. The fish will be allowed to remain in a covered basin for a day or so after which the salt will be scrapped off and the fish squeezed dry. The fish is then placed in a bottle or jar. Roasted rice grains are added to the salted fish. In a week the salted fish is ready. It can be deep fried, or steamed, or even shallow fried.

the special aroma of the dish will come from the chopped ginger, chillies, torch ginger flower, stalk of the torch ginger and garlic..

Arrange the chopped salted fish with the aromatics on top of it in a glass bowl, add a bit of water.

Steam over high heat for about half an hour.

this dish is good for the festive season. The pinks and reds of the chillies will make it rather Christmassy.

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